Hca 331 week 1 behavior change theories and planning models

Behavior Change Theories and Planning Models. For your assignment this week, you will describe various theories and models used in health education, specifically, behavior change theories and planning models.

Part I: Behavior Change Theories

Briefly describe the difference between theories and models. Why is it important to use theories in

health education?

Describe the socio-ecological approach. Identify which levels of the socio-ecological approach

behavior change theories can be applied to and provide reasoning for your selection.

For each of these levels, provide a description of the behavior change theories. You may include your

own diagrams or figures to support your descriptions.

Select one theory from each level and provide information regarding its use and effectiveness in health education.

Part II: Planning Models are essential tools for the professionals who plan health education and promotion programs.

Describe each of the seven program planning models presented in the text. In these descriptions, highlight the unique attributes of each of these planning models and discuss the similarities found across the models.

For three of these models, describe an example of its real-world application from a scholarly source.

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