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Assignment Examples

Please bear in mind that some of those examples had 3500 words allowance and an abstract but otherwise content areas are the same.
You have 3000 words all-inclusive and do 
not need an abstract.


Interconnecting assignments 2 and 3 

· It’s best to focus on either success or failure to enable depth of discussion.  But you could still include aspects of success if discussing an overall “failure” and vice versa, for example, when discussing lessons learned or future vision. But in the case that it’s really not clear or there is an even balance between successes and failures then you can argue for both sides.

· Many of you have already alluded to the success/failure aspects of the system/policy or practice through your assignment 2 discussion so you can expand on those points.


Please provide a title that informs the reader of the purpose of the paper and if you are discussing the success or failure of a specific healthcare system/policy/practice or taking a balanced view.



Write a brief introduction to provide context to the chosen successful/failed healthcare system/policy/practice. Please feel free to incorporate some parts of the previous assignments in this unit and there is NO need for paraphrasing but please make sure to incorporate feedback if you receive such in assignment 2.


Key Criteria 1: Critically examine the components of the healthcare system/policy/practice to justify why it is/was a success or failure (up to 1200 words)


Examine the interconnected components in Assessment 2 and how this led to/contributed to success. You can discuss positive output/outcomes, strengths, and opportunities related to the healthcare system/policy/practice


Examine the interconnected components in Assessment 2 and how this led to failure. You can discuss negative or unsuccessful output/outcomes, weaknesses, and threats related to the healthcare system/policy/practice


Questions to consider in determining success/failure include:


· Are the objectives and desired outcomes being delivered?

· Do we have the right quantity and quality of inputs?

· Are we able to properly deliver/provide the care/service?


Key Criteria 2: Future/vision of the healthcare system/policy/practice (up to 1200 words)


What lessons have been learned? How can we build on/expand/further improve and sustain the efficiency of the system/policy/practice, e.g., ensure continuous quality improvement? It’s not a requirement to use an established quality improvement model but it would certainly strengthen your argument.

You may account for any relevant socio-cultural, environmental, political, economic, and organizational factors.



· Identify how to use any existing strengths/opportunities to improve and how to positively change the system/policy/practice to facilitate desired outputs and outcomes

· You could incorporate some elements of change management for improvement. Again It’s not a requirement but using an established change management model/theory/framework might help you to logically organize this e.g., plan, do, study/check, act (PDSA) is a frequently used framework.

For both successes or failures, you might like to compare to examples of related/relevant successful or failed programs/policies/systems from the national and international literature. What were their lessons learned and could they apply in your case?

For each lesson learned, it would be great to have a matching future direction i.e. a strategy to build on the success or change the failure. It may be possible though that a particular strategy can address multiple issues.



End the paper with a wrap-up of the main points and recommendations. These may be in bullet point form. Imagine your reader only reads these-it should be clear what the main issues and subsequent strategies for improvement are.

Academic integrity 

Please check similarity reports and make sure there are no partial or whole sentences or chunks of text that are taken directly without proper paraphrasing. Similarities for some specific expressions (e.g., name of an organisation), or direct quotes (use sparingly) are fine as is any information taken from assignment 1 or 2.

Formatting and citing

Minimum of 15 references but would expect more for stronger arguments

You can include a table/figure as an image if necessary without impacting on word count

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