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Management Careers and Diversity

A company has experienced several lawsuits as a result of equal employment opportunity (EEO) infractions. No diversity training has occurred within the company to date. As a newly promoted manager in this organization, you are given the responsibility to determine the effects of implementing diversity training (including diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, factors) for all employee levels, with a focus on addressing future litigation and EEO problems. Consider how DEI training fits into the scope of organizational development and how the organizational leaders may have to change to learn from these lawsuits.


Write a 6-8 page paper in which you do the following:

1. Develop an outline for an HR strategic plan that includes DEI training for all employee levels.

2. Propose an outline of DEI training content be included in the HR strategic plan. Support the content selected with 1 to 2 academic resources.

3. Identify specific DEI training segments that address management’s perspectives. Support the segments selected with 1 to 2 academic resources.

4. Recommend a change model to persuade management to implement the needed modifications to organizational practices. Support the selection of a change model with 1 to 2 academic resources.

5. Recommend a comprehensive method of evaluation to ensure the training will create the needed changes. Support the model of evaluation selected with at least 1 academic resource.

6. Include six required quality academic resources in this assignment. 

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