I need help with this investment game workroon for nmy financial | Financial Manganment 11 | Strayer University–Arlington

 Week 10 Investment Game WorkroomCOLLAPSE

Discussion posts and trading activities for the class will take place in the Investment Game Workroom. Your required activity is outlined below:

  • By Sunday, midnight of Week 10 (2% of Course Grade)
    • Submit a final synopsis on your performance.
      • How did you do relative to your benchmark?
      • What surprised you about the way the market moved?
      • What moves did you make to take advantage of market conditions?
      • What did you learn from this experience about stock selection tools and methodologies?
    • How can being an active follower of stock prices and market conditions help you become a better financial manager and business leader?

NOTE: Your final portfolio balances will be based on the market closing prices on Friday of Week 9 in order to allow sufficient time to draft and post your synopsis.

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