I need someone to helped with journal entry 2

Journal needs to be original from text book course “The Mcdonaldization of Society 8th edition”, chapter 3.

Journal Entry 2,

In Chapter 3, Ritzer describes how higher education is striving for greater efficiency and is becoming what he terms a McUniversity. Think about your own educational experience, and the choices you have made when it comes to education. Drawing on Ritzer’s description of the McUniversity in particular, analyze your experience looking at those elements that fit with a search for greater efficiency, and those that do not. Overall, would you say that your education experience is efficient, or not? How so?


Your journal entry is worth 10% of your final grade. It should be 3 pages long using a 12-point size font, double- spaced. You should use a header with your name, the date, the course number, and “Journal Entry 2” on the first page (NO title page). You should cite and reference your textbook properly in a standard formatting style, such as ASA, APA, or MLA. The first two pages should be your essay, and the third page should be your reference list. Please consult the library resources listed in your syllabus and in your course menu to make sure you are formatting your source correctly.

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