I require the detail answer of 3 questions with section of applicable law/act. of the following case scenario:

I require the detail answer of 3 questions with section of applicable law/act. of the following case scenario:

Sasha was bank employee with 21 years’ service whose IT role entitled her to virtually unlimited access to confidential documents. One day Sasha decided to access sensitive information concerning priority parking, without permission, to satisfy her curiosity about where she was on the list of the most prized parking stops. As soon as the employer found out about this action, it dismissed Sasha for just cause. Sasha sued the employer for wrongful dismissal, arguing that as a long-service employee with an unblemished work record, dismissing her for just cause for a single, isolated act was a disproportionate response.

1. Did the employer have just cause in your view?

2. If the employer did not have just cause how many weeks’ notice of termination is Sasha entitled to under the ESA? Explain your answer.

3. If the employer did not have cause what do you think that Sasha is entitled to under the common law?

Course: Canadian Employment Law: Laws 6015

Book Reference: Employment Law for Business and Human Resources Professionals, 3rd edition, Kathryn J. Filsinger

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