Identity-based needs | Psychology homework help


this week we focus on identity-based needs and how they play a role in fueling the conflict. or blacks versus whites

These are “needs we all have to preserve a sense of who we are and our place in the world” (Mayer, 2012, p. 25). They include:

  • Meaning: “establishing a purpose for one’s life, existence, actions, and struggles” (Mayer, 2012, p. 25).
  • Community: “feeling connected with groups with which they can identify and in which they feel recognized” (Mayer, 2012, p. 26).
  • Intimacy involves “being special, unique, and important to other people” (Mayer, 2012, p. 26).
  • Autonomy: a sense of independence, freedom, and individuality (Mayer, 2012, p. 27).

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