Implicit bias amd impacts critical and creative thinking.


Implicit bias, which we all have, impacts critical and creative thinking.  Identifying these biases in our values is a large part of this course because it impacts each and every decision we make in our lives…including our workplaces.  As leaders it is imperative you are aware of this issue and its impact on thinking, behavior, and change.

Watch the following 16 minute TED talk with author Melanie Funchess and answer the questions below.   Ms. Funchess is Director of Community Engagement for the Mental Health Association for Rochester, New York.

The speaker talks about “transformational activism” which includes:

1. Call yourself on your own stuff.

2. Make connections with people not like you.

3. Use privilege to create equity.

4. Intentionally engage in non-biasing activities.

Identify an incident from your workplace where leaders made a decision or engaged in a behavior/action that you believe stemmed from the implicit bias of those leaders in some way.  What was the result of that decision and how could a more comprehensive decision have been made to avoid the pitfalls associated with implicit bias?

Note: Later in the course you will engage in an assignment that identifies some of your “most important values” and how those values guide and hinder your critical thinking.

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