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only has to be two pages I attached the interview I did with my intern supervisor. Question have already been asked.


Informational Interview Assignment

Informational Interview with Policy Analyst Assignment    Students will interview someone at their field practicum site who is responsible for policy development and/or analysis using the questions below. The written summary should be no more than 2 pages (not including the cover page). Students should include the name and title of the individual they interviewed and the agency name in their summary of the interview. This assignment will be due towards the end of the semester.  Required Questions

  1. Can you explain what your roles and responsibilities are? How did you begin working on policy matters? 
  2. How are policies developed at this agency? What steps are involved?
  3. How are existing policies analyzed? Are there specific policy analysis models that are used?
  4. What key federal and state laws inform agency policies?

Optional Questions 

  1. What types of situations would warrant a modification to a policy?
  2. What are some facilitators to your policy work? What are some barriers? 
  3. How is the agency funded?
  4. How do the agency’s funding sources inform agency policies?
  5. How is the agency involved in policy advocacy at the local, state, or federal level on behalf of their consumers?
  6. Are there local organizations that the agency collaborates with to advocate for local, state, or federal policies that support the well-being of their consumers? If so, please explain.
  7. What roles do (or could) agency social workers play in policy development and analysis?
  8. How has research and evaluation been used to inform your policy work?

Is there anything else that you can share to help me to understand the importance of policy work at your agency? 

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