Input and Output Data Sets The SAS data set company.sales has three variables ( product , price , and quantity ). A new data set work.sales must be…

1.  Input and Output Data Sets

The SAS data set company.sales has three variables (productprice, and quantity). A new data set work.sales must be created. The new data set needs to contain two variables (product and total). The variable total is the result of price multiplied by quantity.

Complete the following program based on the previous scenario:

data ;

  set ;

  keep ;

  total = ;


1.  Multiple Data Sets

The SAS data set sashelp.class has five variables (namesexageheight, and weight) and 19 observations (9 observations with sex=’F’ and 10 observations with sex=’M’).

Answer the questions based on the previous information and the following program:

data work.female(drop=height)

    work.everyone(keep=name weight height);

  set sashelp.class;

   if sex=’F’ then output work.female;

  output work.everyone;


a.  What is the input data set?

b.  How many output data sets are being created?

c.  How many observations are in work.female?

d.  How many observations are in work.everyone?

e.  What variables are in work.female?

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