Leader aspiration paper(lap) | Human Resource Management homework help

Paper Overview: Select a leader who you aspire to be like or whose position you aspire to obtain, who is at least 2levels above your current position. For example if you hold an individual contributor position you must select amanager or above, or if you are a manager, then select a Vice President or above, etc. Interview this individual andrecord your insights based upon the guidelines listed below. The paper should be approximately 6-8 pages, doubled 86/2/14spaced not including the cover page or references. Suggestion: Do not procrastinate, expect your initial meeting tobe rescheduled at least once. Also do not minimize this assignment it is worth 200 big ones!The paper will have three main sections with several sub-sections: Please use headings and subheadings thatcorrespond to the particular sections listed below to help organize your paper. This will also help to ensure that youhave captured all the requirements for the paper. Failure to use headings/subheadings will result in an automatic 20point deduction. Hint: Make sure you review the writing guidelines.SECTION 1: INTERVIEW LOGISTICS: Include but not limited to the following: (1 page)? State your current job level/position? State the job level/position of the person you interviewed? Include the specifics around gaining the interview. How did you do it?? What was the ease of gaining access? What was your strategy?? Date/time of interview?? Why did you select this individual as opposed to someone else?? What was the industry? What company, etc.?? Anything else that you think is pertinent to help the reader understand context?SECTION 2: LEADER CHARACTERISTICS/COMPETENCIES: Include but not limited to the following: (2-3 pages) – START WITH DEFINING LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES? How did this individual get to their present job, i.e. did they hire in at this level or work their way up?? Did they develop an onboarding plan prior to assuming this position or within the first 30 days?? Did they have an orientation?? Why do they think they got the position?? What are the skills and abilities that they possess that help them succeed in the position?? What are their strongest leadership competencies?? Does their company have a performance management system?? Do they have an individual development plan? If so, what is it?? How would they describe their company culture?? How long did it take them to assimilate into the company’s culture? Into their role?? If there was one thing you wish someone would have told you at the beginning of your career, what wouldit be?? Ask 2-3 of your own questions, make sure you use headings/subheadings to organize your work.SECTION 3 MY (STUDENT) REFLECTION: Include but not limited to the following: (2-3 pages)? What did you learn from this experience?? Were there any in-congruencies or inconsistencies with your expectations of the role with what you foundout? Do you still want a role like this one?? With what you have learned thus far about your personality does this role fit with your personality?? Select at least 3 of the 6 assessments we complete in class and integrate your insights into your paper.? Include anything else you would like to share.? Hint: I am expecting to see integration from the course material & assessments in this section.Interviewing a family member, is not allowed. Interviewing a family –owned business or entrepreneur requirespre-approval from the Instructor and a special set of questions that you develop. Please speak with me prior tomaking your decision. It is important you begin thinking about who you want to interview early in the semester.

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