Leadership 5 | Management homework help

Part 1

Review the case study “Redskins No More” In a 1 page paper, answer the following questions based on the case study.

·  What change were the people in Gooding trying to avoid? Why do you think they wanted to avoid this change? What tactics did they use to resist change?

·  Would you describe the efforts of Scott Rogers or the school board as adaptive leadership? Why or why not?

·  How would you describe the holding environment created by the school board? Do you think it was successful? Why or why not?

·  Citing examples, describe how the school board engaged or didn’t engage in each of these adaptive leader behaviors: (1) get on the balcony, (2) maintain disciplined attention, and (3) give the work back to people.

·  What group would you describe as the “low-status group”? How did the school board seek to give voice to this group?

Part 2

In the previous case study “Redskins No More”, the school board made a number of mistakes.  For this assignment, turn back the clock and assist the school board, and Scott, with establishing a plan for how to effectively change the Redskins name. 

In 1-2 pages, put together an action plan to present to Scott and the school board.

·  Pay close attention to the community opposition and work to develop strategies to help the opposition shift its beliefs and values so that the name change can occur without great incident.

·  Be sure to include supporting evidence from your textbook and/or other scholarly research within your response.

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