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Read the Case Studies on the following pages and answer the following questions:
PG 34. CASE STUDY: Are Farms Becoming Digital Firms. Questions 1-12,1-13,1-14,1-15, 1-16,1-17.

1-12 List and describe the technologies used in this

case study.

1-13 In what sense are U.S. farms now digital firms?

Explain your answer.

1-14 How is information technology changing the way farmers run their business?

1-15 How do the systems described in this case

improve farming operations?

1-16 How do precision agriculture systems support

decision making? Identify three different decisions that can be supported.

1-17 How helpful is precision agriculture to individuals farmers and the agricultural industry?

Explain your answer.

The rubric for grading and APA standards for submission are as detailed in the syllabus

APA Style 

5.5.1. How to Use Parenthetical Citation

Parenthetical citations are placed within the text of your paper. Below are examples of how to cite print sources and electronic sources. See Section 3.39 in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual) for additional instances of both.

Required Textbook:

Management Information Systems, Managing the Digital Firm

Edition: 15th, 2018

Author: Kenneth C Laudon & Jane P. Laudon.

ISBN: 01346339715

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