M12 | Applied Sciences homework help


Feedback for final paper

You have a great start here. I enjoyed reading your paper. The comments made early in the paper apply throughout. If you would send me a Word document, I can make further specific edits. In addition to the comments noted here and on your paper. Format Please check APA compliance – positioning of yur headings and subheadings. Your use of citations is good. A general rule of thumb is that whenever you are making a statement of fact or even something that sounds like a statement of fact, it requires a citation. I think you can increase your in text citation. Your headings and subheadings support your a central thesis, and the subheadings are like your topic sentences. Where are the ensuing paragraphs gives evidence and examples, in support of the thesis. Avoid using colloquial language – academic writing is a formal style. Additionally, research papers do not take a position or use judgmental language.

Research papers are to simply state the status of the extent literature, and not take positions. Your conclusion should include the status of the extant research on your topic as well as recommendations necessary for future research and practically applied interventions for the impact of positive change. you need to expand your summary of the highlights of exactly what parent training is important and why Also, remember, to perform a one-to-one correspondence analysis between your references and your within-text citation. All references listed on your reference page must be cited within the text. Content Your paper is full of important information regarding the core content important for treatment however, I am not finding many references and connections to partent training and the impact of this training on outcomes.

The actual parent training should be discussed in each content area and why positive outcomes in transition increase as a result. Effect a tighter connection between the content and the purpose/title of your paper Does that make sense? Your final paper is expected to incorporate all of the feedback given here


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