Market dynamics cla1 | Business & Finance homework help

 Part 1

Discussion Question– CLO 4, CLO 5, CLO 6

In a 200-250-word response, provide some details about the vision you have for your new business venture. 

How does your vision support the purpose and direction of your business? 


Part 2 

CLA 1 Comprehensive Learning Assessment 1 – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 5 (Chapters 5, Chapter 6) (Go-to-Market)

This week you will develop a vision statement, mission statement, positioning statement, and strategy for your distinctive brand. 

Now that you have laid the foundation for your new business venture and completed the beginnings of your business plan, it is time to complete a vision, mission, and venture concept for your new business venture. 

  • Using the textbook and other resources, develop a well-structured vision and mission statement. This statement of vision and mission should depict the direction and ultimate goals that the venture will follow. 

Once you have completed your vision and mission statements, in the same document, develop your positioning statement. 

  • Provide specific details pertaining to the strategy for positioning and branding your new business venture so you can go-to-market. This involves investigating, developing, and articulating your positioning on functional, emotional, and social dimensions that will provide a competitive advantage over the competition. 

Finally, develop a positioning statement for your solution(s) and venture. 

  • The statement should include how you intend to bring your product/service to life with a powerful, unique, and distinctive brand. 

Use the resources that have been provided to you, including your textbook, and feel free to search the web for other resources and examples as you build this part of your business plan. Make sure to properly identify, cite, and reference these resources within your submission.

When you submit this part of the assignment, consider how the other components of your business plan may have changed or may have been affected by these new components. Are there any adjustments to be made? 

If so, make those adjustments at this time, so these are in ready form when it comes time to be included in the final version of your business plan. 

The length of this part of your plan will vary depending on the amount of research and effort you put into it and will generally fall between 2-3-pages in length. Submit your market analysis in a Word Doc in GAP in Week 4 (If using Google Docs, use the Download As Word Document, and then upload it into GAP).

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