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According to their Kimberly-Clark Corporation website,

Kimberly-Clark Corporation was established in 1875 in Wisconsin, USA (current headquarters in Texas) and is now a global marketer of a wide range of family care, baby care, adult and feminine care, personal care and health care products for use in home, business, and industry. Today Kimberly-Clark and its well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. Every day, nearly a quarter of the world’s population trust Kimberly-Clark brands to enhance their health, hygiene and wellbeing. This trust has led to Kimberly-Clark brands holding the No. 1 or No. 2 share position in more than 80 countries. (Kimberly-Clark, n.d.).

Kimberly-Clark has manufacturing operations in 40 countries, and Kimberly-Clark products are sold in more than 175 countries worldwide. With well-known and trusted brands (such as Kleenex, Scott, and Huggies), their 57,000 global employees are also changing the world for the better, generously giving back to communities and causes around the globe.


Kimberly-Clark. (n.d.). Kimberly-Clark corporation: A proud history. http://www.kimberly-clark.com.au/en/our-company/history/


View the webpage “Global Locations” of Kimberly-Clark.

  1. Select a global location for Kimberly-Clark Corporation outside of North America.
  2. Use Country Comparison Tool for Hofstede’s Dimensions to review a comparison of the United States and the global location you selected.
  3. Write a five-page paper utilizing APA format. For questions on APA style, go to the APA Style Page.
  4. Include the following information in your paper:
    1. Describe Kimberly-Clark Corporation in the country you selected. 
    2. Explain two key characteristics of doing business in the country you selected.
    3. Include a country comparison between the United States and the country you selected. 
    4. How might comparing long- and short-term orientation influence a global manager’s decision-making?
    5. Describe the culture’s management styles in the country you selected. Has Kimberly-Clark Corporation incorporated these styles within the global location you chose? If so, explain using evidence from research. If not, what suggestions would you give a manager at the selected location to help them succeed?
    6. What managerial challenges might arise when integrating a Christian worldview at Kimberly-Clark Corporation in your global location?
  5. Include a minimum of five properly cited research sources.

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