Medical apartheid 2 | sociology


Medical Apartheid:

Critical Thinking Questions

Set 2

  1. What      did the 1840 Census reveal? Were      the results valid? Why? Why not?
  2. What      were the “Black Diseases”? Were      they in fact ‘Black Diseases” Why? Why not?
  3. In two      to three paragraphs, explain the history and progression of the Tuskegee Experiment. Some points that should be highlighted –      What was the purpose of the Tuskegee      Experiment? Who were the major      players? Why was Tuskegee chosen as      the site of the study? What were      participants told of their participation? What did they receive in exchange for their participation? What was the final outcome? What is the legacy of the study?
  4. Who      introduced the term eugenics? How      did the term racial hygiene      relate to eugenics? What was the      goal of eugenicists? What was the      role of Margaret Sanger in The Negro      Project?

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