Microsoft Word – Seminar Plan Law 101 2017.

Microsoft Word – Seminar Plan Law 101 2017.docx

Not expecting huge answers – just a few simple sentences to point me in the right direction/add to my own ideas (especially in questions 1-3, question 4,5 need a bit more). Tutor must refer/be familiar with current NSW Australian Law – please refer to acts/ past cases where you can (that are NSW Aus ONLY). 

1. Explain the concept of consideration – as if you were explaining it to a friend not studying Business Law.

2. List some agreements you could enter into daily that could result in an inference that contractual relations were intended.

  1. 3. What is meant by intention to create legal relations?

4. Discuss whether the presumption that the court apples in relation to social or family or domestic arrangements and commercial or business arrangements has any value today.

5. David was unemployed and suffered from a number of disabilities. To try to get him back into the workforce, Sam arranged for David to paint his (Sam’s) house. The arrangement was initially to be on a trial basis in order to determine whether David was capable of doing the job. Under the arrangement, Sam agreed to pay David $25/hour as a starting rate; if David proved that he could complete the task, they would then discuss the rate of payment again. As David was climbing a ladder to start the painting, he fell off it and was injured. Is there a contract of employment in existence so that David would be entitled to claim workers’ compensation? Discuss.

  1. 6. Is there anyway of asserting rights where you have not provided consideration?

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