Mike went to college on a wrestling scholarship.

Mike went to college on a wrestling scholarship. He believed that the discipline it took to exercise, lift weights, compete at the collegiate level, while keeping his grades up, were pivotal to being successful. Being such a driven and dedicated person, it was not a surprise that Mike opened and operated a successful restaurant. Mike firmly believed that people who demonstrated dedication in their personal lives made the best employees. To objectively evaluate a person dedication in their personal lives, Mike would ask each person who applied for a job at his restaurant how much they could bench press. Mike never hired a waiter or waitress who could bench press less than 180 lbs.

Lynn applied for a waitressing job at Mike’s restaurant. During the job interview, Lynn was asked how much she could bench press. Lynn replied, “I am not sure. I have never tried bench pressing.” Later, Lynn learned that a man who could bench press over 180 lbs. was hired to fill the position. After a few inquiries, she learned of Mike’s bench-pressing requirements and that because of that requirement, Mike had seventeen waiters and no waitresses working at the restaurant.

Lynn believes that she was the victim of illegal discrimination. Is Lynn correct?

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