Misconception students sometime hold thst interferes | LSE | National Louis University

book, it needs to be cited from Jeanne Ellis OrmRod, BRETT JONES 

Students sometimes hold misconceptions that can interfere with their learning in the classroom. Why can these be difficult to change? In what ways have you encountered ideas that are difficult to change? What types of instructional strategies can help?

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Discussion Rubric 

The discussion each week is worth up to 5 points. I will pose a question, and the basic expectation is thatyou will post an original answer/reaction to the question and then come back to the forums on severalother days and engage in an active discussion with your classmates. Discussion of outside experiences,such as what you are doing in your practicum placement as it relates to the question asked, is encouraged,but please remember that you must also discuss theory and what you are reading.Your initial post is worth 3 points. It is due by midnight on Thursday night. Initial posts done latewill lose one point. The discussion forum closes at midnight on Sunday night, and points can not bemade up.3 points 2 points 1 point 0 pointsQualities of the initial post: You answered the question thoroughly, and it is evident that you read the material. Although discussion of your experiences is encouraged,it is also essential to discuss theory and ideas in 300 words 

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