Mobile phone data and the coronavirus


In the year, 2020 the Coronavirus uprooted and changed the lives of everyone. It has been the first true pandemic across the world in recent times. In an attempt to help fight the coronavirus or any future viruses that might develop across the world. There has been a trend to help fight the virus’s spread by looking at the mobile data of individual users who tested positive for the virus.

The idea is the government can look at the individual’s movement based on their cell phone to see where they went, when they were there, who they may have come in contact with as well. This seems to be an aggressive tool to help stop the spread of the virus and help individuals get tested who might have been exposed. Also, this is used to help people quarantine themselves since they might have been exposed and it will help them to stay away from people to protect others within the community.

Read the following Articles:

After reading the articles discuss:

  • What is your impression of this tactic to fight the spread of the virus?
  • Are you concerned about privacy or protection more?
  • Would you want to find out that you have been potentially exposed to the virus because of this process?
  • Does it make you feel safer that the government can track potential infections by this process and control the spread of the virus possibly?
  • Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing in the end?
  • Do you support your privacy being used in this manner to save the greater community?

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