Module 6 application exercise | Criminal homework help

 Based on your review of Module 6 materials, please respond to the following discussion prompts. To be considered for full credit on this assignment you must respond to all parts of the provided prompts. Relating your response to the module content is strongly encouraged. Please keep in mind that this is a Discussion Post and your classmates will be able to read your response. Accordingly, make sure you continue to uphold our class guidelines for constructive, professional, and respectful discourse. Keep up the great work! 

What types of policing reforms (e.g., training, hiring, funding, oversight, accountability), if any, do you support most? Why? 

What strategies (e.g., policy reforms, funding strategies, specific practices) do you think are most likely to have a positive impact on police-community relations in communities of color specifically? Why? 

10 things we know about race and policing in the U.S.

no more than 200 words

Key findings on how police view their jobs amid protests and calls for reform

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