Need help with answering linux questions


Each answer should be short (less than 200 words).

Total # of pages: 2

LINUX Topic 1: “Deleting and Recovering the Shell PATH Variable”


  1. Suppose a student was experimenting with shell variables and accidentally deleted his / her PATH variable. The student decided he / she does not need the PATH variable. Discuss at least three (3) of the problems that the student could soon encounter and explain the primary reasons for such problems. Explain how the student could easily return the PATH to its original value.

  2. Determine whether or not you would advise students to experiment with system settings. Provide a rationale for your response



LINUX Topic 2: Shell Commands”

3. The ls –i command displays a filename preceded by the inode number of the file. Write a command to output inode / filename pairs for the files in the current working directory sorted by inode number. Post your command and a screenshot of its output. Determine whether or not your approach to displaying the information is the ‘best’ approach, and why or why not.  



LINUX Topic 3: “File Compression”

4. Research the Internet or create your own files which meet the following criteria:

a) gzip compresses by more than 80 percent

b) gzip compresses by less than 10 percent

c) gets larger when compressed with gzip


5. Use ls –l to determine the sizes of the files in question. Then, determine whether or not you can characterize the files in a, b, and c. Document your personal findings and include your references if you used any.



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