Nursing sentinel city assignment 7


Sentinel City Assignment #7

Assignment Instructions
1. Enter Sentinel City® and meet with Mayor Hill to learn about communication in Sentinel City®.
2. Take the Sentinel City® bus tour.
3. Tour the city, explore all types of communication efforts within the city.
a. What types of advertisements and billboards do you observe?
b. Are there indications of mass communication?
c. If signs or billboards are present, what issues are addressed?
d. Identify formal and informal methods for communicating health information to children and
4. Complete the communication worksheet below.
5. Read the Case Scenario.
6. Review CDC website: E. coli (Escherichia coli) at
7. Using an evidence-based approach, develop a newspaper, poster, billboard, or radio public
service announcement per instructor requirements.
8. Use correct APA format when citing references.
9. A minimum of 2 references needed.

Communication Worksheet
Local politics and government policies impact conditions that influence the health status of people. For
this assignment, identify two conditions you observed that could influence health that the local government can address. Develop two policy recommendations to present to Mayor Hill that address
conditions you identified that can affect a community’s overall health.

• What formal forms of communication did you observe?
• What informal forms of communication did you observe?
• What should be added to strengthen communication within and across neighborhoods in
Sentinel City®?
• What do signs, billboards, or posters tell about the life of residents in this community?
• What is the relationship between communication and determinants of health?


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