Physician Case Study Assignment Part I: Company X (that’s us!) is looking to bring on a new family physician to the team.

Physician Case Study Assignment

Part I:   Company X (that’s us!!) is looking to bring on a new family physician to the team. You have been tasked to research three (3) physicians and compare their profiles and choose the best candidate. Using physician scorecard sites (i.e. Healthgrades, LeapFrog, etc) and whatever other intranet resources you can identify, please create a spreadsheet that you will present to our CEO representing which physician we should bring on board – remember, we can only choose one doctor to bring on board!!

The spreadsheet should include but is not limited to the following items: mortality rate; demographic data (i.e. name; age; area of specialty); customer feedback; negative feedback; etc. Please pick a total of 10 data points to use for comparison.

Whatever characteristics you choose – all three physicians must be compared equally.

Part II:  Now that we’ve chosen a family physician to join our team – we’d like to run a few scenarios to forecast our sales going forward.

Let’s run a scenario where our physician sees approximately 29 patients per day – 5 are Medicaid patients and 3 of those Medicaid patients are well-babies. The state Medicaid plan has implemented P4P and is utilizing the HEDIS® measures. One of the measures is that well babies have 6 office visits by 15 months. At the current time, the family physician receives a $100 bonus per baby with 6 or more well-baby visits by 15 months. The Medicaid program has proposed two methods of restructuring the incentives:

  • $25 bonus for each set of 3 well-baby visits to the family physician and a $15 gift certificate for each set of 2 well-baby visits to the parents
  • $100 bonus per baby receiving 5thwell-baby visit and polio, hepatitis B, andHaemophilus influenzaetype b (Hib) vaccines by 13 months and a second $100 bonus for the 6thwell-baby visit by 15 months and relevant vaccines

Of the three methods, current and two proposed, which method would result in the highest financial reward for the family physician? Which method would result in the lowest financial reward for the family physician?

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