Pivotal question discussion | mar 4613 | Florida State University

This is the first of two discussion question assignments for the semester. This assignment relates to the reading by Shoemaker and Krupp (2015) entitled The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions (available on Canvas).

Provide a written answer to the following question:

How can pivotal questions help us better design qualitative and quantitative research studies? In your answer, describe how pivotal questions can inform both qualitative AND quantitative research studies (i.e. I want to see you discuss both in your answer). In addition, use at least one of the six strategies described by the authors for developing pivotal questions in your discussion.

In terms of length, I expect your answer to be roughly the equivalent of between 1/2 – 1 page of single spaced text (12 point font). The issue here is not length, it is how well you make your arguments and connect the ideas from pivotal questions to the concepts from Chapters 4 and 5 (i.e. the qualitative and quantitative research designs).

Grades will be assigned based on the clarity of the writing, command of the course concepts, and the integration of the ideas suggested by pivotal questions. 

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