Please use a server vendor web site that will allow you to custom

Please include your name and assignment number. Configure a server for each of the following scenarios. Please use a server vendor web site that will allow you to custom configure a each type of server. Consider Dell, IBM, and HP, as well as resellers CDW and Insight. Go to the software vendors for hardware compatibility lists when necessary. Scenario 1: You must host a web front end that will be exposed to the Internet. The web site total directory size is 200 MB. The server will run Red Hat Linux 6.0 with the Tomcat web server. You will be placing four servers in this role in a load balanced network, with all web servers communicating with a database back-end. Physical space, power consumption and cost should be considerations. Scenario 2: You must host a database server. This server must be able to run intensive reporting and meet strict timelines for those reports due to payroll requirements. The server win run Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition. The database will be Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. The database administrator has requested 64GB of RAM and 2TB of disk space. Uptime, expandability, and performance should be considerations. Scenario 3: You must run a virtualiztion host. This server will run VMware ESXi 5 on the host and run 8 virtual machines. These virtual machines will provide standard file and print services. Each virtual machine will require 2GB of RAM, 1 virtual CPU, and 40GB of disk space. Compatibility with VMware ESXi 5 and uptime should be considered. The goal of the assignment is to get you familiar with some of the details of server acquisition. First, you need to make sure your server will be compatible with the operating system and software you will load on the server. As an example, if you want to install a VMWare virtualization host, you’ll need a server that will be fully compatible with VMWare. The same with Windows or a specific distribution of Linux. You also want to ensure the hardware you are purchasing is appropriate for the use case. For example, if you need a high powered server with lots of CPU, RAM, and local storage, you want to buy a server with higher-end processors and plenty of space for RAM and hard drives. If you need a server that will have a light workload, you can go for a small, more efficient, and cheaper server. Here are some specific web sites to get you going: These vendors allow you to configure your own server: These web sites give you specific compatibility information: Please turn in the specific configuration of the three servers, similar to how they appear after you have configured them on the web sites.



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