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This unit forms part of the following qualification:
BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSBSUS601 Lead Corporate Social Responsibility



BSBSUS601 Lead Corporate Social Responsibility

Assessment 1

This unit forms part of the following qualification(s):

BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management


Part A

Assessment 1 3
Task 1 – Knowledge Questionnaire 3
Question 1.1 3
Question 1.2 3
Question 1.3 4
Question 1.4 4
Question 1.5 4
Question 1.6 4
Question 1.7 4
Question 1.8 5
Question 1.9 5

This assessment is a written questionnaire with a mix of objective and subjective questions.

Refer to the learning material for this unit and undertake additional independent research if needed.

To complete this task satisfactorily, provide satisfactory answers to all questions in your own words, as instructed.

Complete the table to describe key provisions of legislation, covenant, standards and codes of practice for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as they apply to human rights.

Human rights


Key provisions

(10-30 words)




Codes of practice

Complete the table to identify sources of organisational information related to CSR.

CSR information

Information sources (2 each)

Include Internal and/or external sources of information

Legislation, codes of practice, regulations and standards

Organisational objectives

Organisational culture

Current CSR policies

Current CSR practices

List three drivers for implementing a CSR strategy in an organisation.

List three expected benefits for implementing CSR in an organisation.

List four areas (or categories) of responsibility to which CSR can be applied.

List three barriers that an organisation may face when implementing CSR practices.

Complete the table to explain how various stakeholders are associated with CSR in an organisation.


How the stakeholder may be part of the CSR process:

Senior management

Board of directors




List five change management techniques that may be used by an organisation to ensure that CSR strategies are successfuly adopted into the organisation’s systems, processes and procedures.

Complete the table to summarise strategies and techniques to maximise employee engagement in CSR practices.

Engagement for

Strategies and techniques (3 each)


Generating ideas

Communicating information

Addressing barriers and resolving problems

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