Poetry questions | english 102

1. Define the word diction and offer an example of formal and informal diction from one of the stories posted? (In the files)

2. Define tone and explain the tone of one of the stories?

3. Define denotation and offer an example of the term?

4. Define connotation and offer an example of the term?

5. Offer an example of imagery used to describe the grandmother in Parker’s “Snapping Beans”?

6. What diction does Hayden use in “Those Winter Sunday’s” to describe the difficulties of the father’s life?

7. How would you define the tone of Updike’s “Dog’s Death” and why?

8. Explain the use of personification in “Poetry Should Ride The Bus”?

9. What is the theme of “Poetry Should Ride The Bus”?

10. Witch of the poems do you most connect to and why?

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