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Policies drive an educational entities’ operations and practices. Both public and private educational institutions have policies and processes by which policies are derived and approved with PK-12 public schools aligning their policies to state requirements as noted in the examples provided. It is important to review and refer to these policies when serving in a leadership position at the local level. 


  • Do an online search to locate a local school system’s policy manual for your assignment in this lesson.    
  • Identify the PK-12 school system that you are reviewing and provide a link to the manual that was accessed.
  • Describe the policy categories that are covered in the manual.
  • Analyze three (3) specific policies related to the following: Programs/Instruction, Pupils/Students, and Employees/Personnel. (Note that the category names can vary in policy manuals based on the requirements of the state.)
    • Summarize each policy.
    • Explain the purpose of the policy.
  • Infer how the policies that were selected would affect your practice if serving as an educational leader in the PK-12 school system. 

This assignment must be 4-5 pages in length (excluding the title and reference page) and include at least 2 scholarly resources.

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