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3 reference some citation please each


Drennan, L & McConnell, A. (2015). Risk and crisis management in the public sector (2nd ed.). London, England: Routledge.

In this chapter, you will be learning how to identify risks.

Chapter 3 – Assessing, Evaluating and Communicating Risks.  

Unit 3.1 DB: Techniques to Identify Risks

Tools and techniques are needed to help us identify risks.  Have you ever used any techniques?  If so, please share the technique and the results.  Then, research some techniques and discuss two of your choice, specifically, what they are used for and when you would implement them.  If you have not used any techniques yet, please review a few from the resources, and discuss how you would use them.

Unit 3.2 DB: Risk Communication

Unit 3.2 DB: Risk Communication

The media has grown over the years and continues to be a source of communication to the public.  The media is not only communicating to the public, but are at times a part of the crisis.  Does the media have a positive role to play in issues of risk communication?  Justify your answer with reference to real-life examples of public risk issues.

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