Powerpoint presentation – business change proposal



This assignment is the culmination of the proposal formulation for the change management plan. As the change management team, you are invited to present the designed change project to the top-level leadership team of the organization. This first step is essential for gaining their approval and further support. You have to put together the information discussed on assignment 2 and design the essential actions for achieving the expected results. 

Further instructions:
• A minimum of seven current scholarly references (other than the course textbooks). You may draw upon all of the resources used in the course, in addition to others which you have found useful.
• For this in-class presentation, students must have a Power Point Presentation (voice-over) that clearly articulates and showcases the change management plan.
• Ensure that presentation slides are clear and concise and are within 15 slides.


Content and Structure of the assignment:

• A definition of change management, and its relevance in the organizational behavior field.
• Discuss the role of the change management committee and introduce its members (group members).
• An introduction of the organization with a brief profile (i.e., the field of operations, vision, and mission); analysis of the organization’s change pattern (i.e., open for innovation; change
culture/mindset or avoidance or not supportive of change. Note: For privacy issues use a pseudonym to replace the actual name.
• Explain the focus/objective of the change project and the urgency for addressing it.
• Discuss the change model selected to support/guide the change project
• Discuss the essential actions of the change plan as per the selected change model, which should consider addressing potential resistors.
• Discuss a communication plan.
• The reference list.

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