Presentation with powerpoint | Psychology homework help

This week, you will prepare a presentation with PowerPoint or other presentation software.  You will create your audio or video presentation by using a video capturing tool located in the course room. To access the capture tool, follow the tutorial found in your Books and Resources for this Week.

Schedule a time to meet with a couple who can be family, friends, or co-workers. Create a list of questions you might use to evaluate strengths and resources. In addition to thinking about the Micro skill Spotlight of circular questioning, think of the three models you have studied in this course. What questions about strengths and resources might each model ask?

Examples of questions include:

· What attracted them to each other?

· What are their strengths as individuals and a couple?

· Who do they turn to for support?

· What obstacles have they overcome and how?

· Who would also notice they have improved as a couple?

· If their relationship was the basis of a movie, what would the title be?

Be creative in thinking of your own questions.

Plan to meet with the couple for 20-30 quiet minutes to discuss strengths and resources based on your list of prepared questions. After meeting with the couple, create a PowerPoint presentation in which you audio or video record your reflection on what the experience was like for you. It is recommended that you prepare notes to help guide your reflection and ensure that you addressing each of the following components:

· Briefly describe your overall experience. Were you comfortable or nervous?

· What questions did you ask about strengths and resources?

· What models did you consider when asking the questions?

· Did the questions flow easily or were they challenging?

· What was it like to hear them talk about their strengths and resources?

· What specific circular question(s) did you ask?

· Briefly describe your experience with circular questioning and whether or not you felt it provided any pertinent or additional information.

· Imagine yourself several years from now, in an office, meeting with clients. What do you imagine that will be like?

Length: 4-6 minutes

References: Be sure to cite any references you used in preparing your questions, but additional resources are not required.

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