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Project Description

Our project aims to improve the recruitment of students by providing immersive insights into workplaces, and helping organizations secure top talent and achieve alignment.

Elevator Pitch

Hello, We are EZ Recruit: An Immersive VR Recruitment Experience. Our project is designed to improve the recruitment process and bridge the gap between forward-thinking businesses and students at Rutgers University. Through EZ Recruit, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in workplace environments, and gain insights into the company’s culture and workflow. Businesses will be able to facilitate job simulations, offering candidates a realistic insight into their potential roles. In addition, EZ Recruit will ensure that students can align their career goals with the right organization and address any uncertainty they have about a company. This project will help companies showcase their work environment and culture to potential candidates in an innovative way. It will also allow them to attract and secure top talent who align with their values and vision. Our VR assessments will reduce the need to conduct numerous interview rounds and lessen the overall recruitment workload, which will ultimately increase productivity. We aim to help cultivate a collaborative and harmonious work environment to drive organizational success. EZ Recruit is not just about finding a job but it is about finding the right fit for both students and businesses. We hope that EZ Recruit will enable companies to create meaningful connections, make hiring decisions easier, and shape the future of recruitment.


Primary Market Research Plan – define your plan to conduct primary market research to be completed and presented in Stage 3. Your primary market research will further quantify and justify your project, as well as help you finalize your scope including features and functionality. Your primary market research plan should also be captured as tasks within your overall project plan. For your work and presentation, your plan should address:

a. Who are we surveying, and why?

b. What data do we need?

c. What questions do we need to ask? (You should only ask the questions that you need to get the data you need. More is not necessarily better!)

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