Professional experience: presentation summary | English homework help


For this Professional Experience, you will create the first three slides of your PowerPoint deck due in Week 6.

This PowerPoint will inform you how a social media tool of your choice can help an organization achieve its goal of presenting a positive image to the public. Your audience will be a manager who is familiar with social media but wants to learn more about how its use can help an organization reach its goals.

Step 2: Choose a topic related to how a company can use social media in the workplace.

  • Do not use any other topics.

Step 3: Develop the first three slides of your presentation

  • Slide 1: Develop a title slide with the name of your presentation, your name, and the date of submission.
  • Slide 2: Develop an agenda slide that lists the key information you might use in your body slides for Week 6.
  • Slide 3: Develop an introduction slide that provides an overview of the uses of social media.
    • Apply best practices for developing presentations as described in Figures
      • 12.1 PROCESS FOR PLANNING, PREPARING, AND REHEARSING PRESENTATION in the BCOM text as a guide for developing your presentation.
      • 12.2 PRESENTATION PLANNER in the BCOM text to organize the information for your presentation.

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