Psychology 2 hour 30 minute assignment

· Covers the 
Textbook material from 
Module 5: Week 5 – Module 8: Week 8. 

· Contains 
8 short answer and
 2 essay questions.

· The 2 essay questions do not have a specific word count but these will allow you to gain points on previous papers that lacked appropriate APA Format

· Is 
limited to
hours and 30 minutes.

1 attempt

· Is 
worth 150 points.

Question 112.5 pts

What is the focus or vision for the Transformational View? Explain.


Flag question: Question 2

Question 212.5 pts

Provide a brief overview of PSYCH-1 through PSYCH-6 of the Biblical Counseling View.



Flag question: Question 3

Question 312.5 pts

Of Johnson’s five views, choose 2, and provide the critiques of each.


Flag question: Question 4

Question 412.5 pts

What is the goal of the Integration View? Explain.


Flag question: Question 5

Question 512.5 pts

According to the Christian Psychology View, what is the foundational commitment of Jesus’s psychology? Expound upon this.


Flag question: Question 6

Question 612.5 pts

Describe Christian Neutrality and Psychological Neutrality.


Flag question: Question 7

Question 712.5 pts

Entwistle offers what critique of the Neutral Parties model?


Flag question: Question 8

Question 812.5 pts

Which models of Johnson and Entwistle are similar and why/how? Pick 3 pairs. (e.g. Levels of Explanation and Neutral Parties).


Flag question: Question 9

Question 925 pts

In chapter 7 of the Johnson (2010) text he discusses wisdom. Expound upon our limited ability to comprehend God’s truths, how “the quest for wisdom glorifies God” (p. 294), and practical ways to gain understanding.


Flag question: Question 10

Question 1025 pts

Expound on Entwistle’s coverage of professional ethics, workplace environment and informed consent, and religiously based interventions. Why is it important to understand professional boundaries regarding integration?

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