Psychology of adulthood chapter 3-4 discussion

Answer one of the discussion questions below in your post.  Your post should be at least 250 words. Integrate your views with those of the textbook and the optional articles or other sources you find; use APA-style citations. 

Facing Physical Change. This chapter outlines the many physical age-related changes that all adults face as they mature. Name two specific changes, each in a different area, that concern you (for example, male or female pattern hair loss may be a change in appearance that you dread, or losing smell and taste may be a change in sensation and perception may seem particularly sad). When do you anticipate these changes? Will they be inevitable or are there things you can do about them?

The Price of Appearing Youthful. In some cultures, retaining the appearance of youth is given high priority. However, it comes at a cost. Think of a celebrity or athlete who is championed for a youthful appearance or unexpected strength in midlife. What is required to “turn back time” on the physical changes discussed in this chapter?

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