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I need help with two pages per case) on how an Humn Resource Director should handle both people CG (Grievance person) and the employee’s supervisor, PAUL in this case:

Hi, Ravi. I saw the grievance form for Barbara Stone. Isn’t she the woman who held the picket sign in the County Courier’s front page coverage of the strike?

Ravi:   Yes, she is. Nice photo. The paper used a fair shot this time.

GC:     Well, what about this? In the first step, what did they tell you?

Ravi:   Hawkman took over from Dick Fleming when he retired. I don’t know why they appointed him. He hasn’t been with the company very long; he has no experience working with unions is what I hear. When I talked to him, he was arrogant—said he was fully within his rights to dismiss her.

GC:     So what happened? What does Barbara say?

Ravi:   Barbara had borrowed a company moving dolly. She said Dick had given her permission to use it. She was relocating across town and needed it to move some boxes to her new house. The dolly was in the back of her Chevy truck in the parking lot. It was covered up, for protection, but the handle, with the company tag, was sticking out. Hawkman saw it when he came to work. He couldn’t find any written permission slip on file for her to have it. Barbara said Dick didn’t ask for one this time. She had used it before to help with a community food drive that both she and Dick had volunteered to assist. She was bringing it back but just hadn’t unloaded it yet. Hawkman said she was stealing it and fired her.

The GC pulled out the contractual provisions for termination again. He also flipped to the section about company property. It read:

Article 17 – Section 8

Employees in good standing may occasionally borrow non-essential company equipment, provided they complete the authorization form and have it signed by their supervisor. A specific timeframe must be stipulated and failure to return the property in good condition by that deadline will be grounds for reprimand.

GC:     How long has she been here? What does her performance record look like?

Ravi:   About 2 years. Dick wasn’t one to record an issue unless it was something really serious. So, there isn’t anything during his time. Hawkman has marked her for being late twice in the last month, but there isn’t any formal warning.

Thank you!!!!

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