Regardless of what type of environment you live in, there are plants


Regardless of what type of environment you live in, there are plants and animals that are your neighbors.  The goal of this assignment is to get you thinking about the biodiversity that surrounds you. 

Read chapter 1 FIRST



Briefly answer the following questions.  For some of the questions I have provided you answers to choose from.  You can use them, or if you have one that better describes the answer, provide that.

Please, cut and paste these questions and then fill in your replies.  Make sure to submit it before the due date and time.  You can submit it as a pdf or doc file.  You submit by clicking on the title “The Biodiversity Around You” of the assignment above this text.  There will be a link for submissions.

1) Where do you live?

2) What type of environment do you live in? Potential replies: Urban, Suburban, Rural, Wildland.

3) Describe the main types of vegetation and ecological communities that surround you.  Potential replies: Strictly Urban, Urban with Urban Parks, Suburban with trees, Suburban that includes patches of natural communities (forests, scrub lands, deserts, etc.), agricultural, agricultural with patches of natural communities, type of wildland (forest, grassland, desert, etc.).

4) Name a few plants that are common in your neighborhood.

5) Name a few animals that are common in your neighborhood.

6) Provide the name and a link to the website of an organization in your state, county, or town/city that is responsible for managing biodiversity in your area.  It can be a government organization like a State Fish and Game Agency, or it can be non-governmental organization like a state Audubon Society.

7) Please provide the name of one or two endangered species or ecological communities near you.  If you don’t know of any, you can explore the website I asked you to find in the previous question.

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