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1. I chose the variables of gender and age. 

2. Gender is categorized as a qualitative variable because it cannot be counted or measured numerically; it can still be used as a grouping factor for research. Age is categorized as a quantitative variable because it will be logged numerically in research. 

3. Gender is considered a nominal value as there is no variable (female, male, non-binary, or transgender) that is less than or greater than one of the other types of gender. Age is categorized as a ratio variable because while the numerical values can start at zero, no value can go below zero, and these values can be categorized as less than or greater than other values in this range. 

4. I could use the convenience sampling method to collect data in the previously mentioned values. It would be efficient to provide an electronic survey via a link sent to their smartphones to people exiting a doctor’s office to see the range of age and gender treated at that location compared to other locations. 

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