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NUR369 Assessment 2: Research Project Proposal

Assessment type: Research Project Proposal OR Successful participation in an international study tour (1000

Word count: 1000 words +/- 10%

Value of total mark: 30%

Related learning outcomes: 2,3,4

Due date: Week 8 Monday 4th September 2023 22:00hrs ACST (International study tour due date TBA)

Submission point: Via Turnitin

Learning outcomes

2 – Critically reflect on chosen topic of interest which will contribute to lifelong learning as a registered nurse
3 – Demonstrate effective engagement with multidisciplinary team of chosen topic of interest
4 – Demonstrate knowledge and skills of a registered nurse in the chosen topic of interest

Assessment requirements

Relevance: This assessment task aims to enable nursing students to develop and present a proposal outlining
their interest and readiness to work in a chosen clinical nursing specialty area. Through this task, students will
demonstrate their understanding of the selected specialty, motivation for pursuing it, and ability to articulate
their skills, experiences, and professional goals.

Task Instructions: Write a proposal outlining your interest and readiness to work in a chosen clinical nursing
specialty area using the following structure:

OR present a 1000-word reflection on your experience on the international study tour (for students selected to
go on the international study tour).

Proposal (1000 words)

1. Specialty Selection:
• Choose a clinical nursing specialty area that aligns with your interests, career goals, and the

needs of the healthcare industry.
• Research and explore the chosen specialty area, including its scope, key responsibilities,

challenges, and opportunities.
2. Motivation and Rationale:

• Clearly articulate your motivation for wanting to work in the chosen clinical nursing specialty

• Explain why you believe this specialty is the right fit for your skills, interests, and future career

• Discuss the significance and relevance of the specialty in the context of contemporary
healthcare practices.

3. Professional Goals:
• Describe your short-term and long-term professional goals within the chosen clinical nursing

specialty area.
• Outline the steps you plan to take to achieve these goals, such as pursuing further education,

certifications, or specialised training.


• Discuss how these goals align with your personal values and contribute to the advancement of
the nursing profession.

4. Skills and Experiences:
• Identify and discuss the key skills and experiences you possess that make you well-suited for

the chosen clinical nursing specialty.
• Highlight any relevant clinical placements, internships, volunteer work, or research

experiences you have completed or are currently engaged in.
• Provide specific examples that demonstrate how your skills and experiences align with the

requirements and demands of the specialty.
5. Professional Development Plan:

• Develop a detailed plan outlining how you intend to further develop your skills and knowledge
within the chosen clinical nursing specialty.

• Identify specific educational programs, workshops, conferences, or professional organisations
that you plan to engage with to enhance your expertise.

• Explain how your professional development plan will contribute to your competence and
growth as a nursing professional in the chosen specialty.

Suggested procedure

1. The proposal should be written in a clear and concise manner, demonstrating a strong command of
written communication skills.

2. The proposal should be well-structured, organised, and supported by relevant information, examples,
and references as appropriate.

3. The first-person narrative may be used in this assessment.
4. Support your discussion with a minimum of 5 references from 2013-2023. Use the Library search page

and/or databases to locate appropriate journal articles. Please ensure that you use peer-reviewed
journal articles, in addition to your textbook and relevant websites/policy documents.

Presentation guidelines

Word length: 1000 words +/- 10%, including the in-text citations. The reference list is NOT included in the word

Structure: Research Project Proposal.

Font: Calibri or Times New Roman size 11

Line spacing and alignment: 1.5 or double spacing with left blocking for paragraphs. Indents are NOT required.

Page numbers: Pages should be numbered.

Student identification: Provide your student number in the footer.

Referencing: use CDU APA 7th 2023 referencing. Use peer-reviewed articles with the last 10 years.

Support for this assignment

Research: contact a CDU librarian for guidance. Review the content of the Nursing Libguides on the Library

Academic Skills: contact a Language and Learning Advisor for support.

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