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Part I – Reflection

Let’s start by reflecting on the courses that you have completed.

  • Review the courses that you completed, as you pursued your degree. Identify your top three courses that had the biggest impact on you.
  • Identify the top three competencies that you developed while completing your degree.
  • In your degree program, what topics did you find most interesting, either personally or professionally?
  • In your program, what skills did you master as you completed your degree?
  • Identify some of the most important concepts that you learned about in these courses.

Part II – Needs Assessment

Next, based upon your areas of interest that you discussed above, evaluate two areas in the criminal justice field that you believe could benefit from improvement or from a new approach. Your evaluation should consider questions such as: what are current problems affecting the two areas you have chosen? Why do these problems persist? What has prevented success in solving these problems in the past? Some examples are listed below. Of the two areas that you choose, select at least one area that is not listed below.

  • Racial profiling
  • Forensic profiling
  • Tasers and decreased injuries
  • Prison job training and recidivism
  • Body cameras and liability reduction
  • High speed vehicle pursuits and liability
  • Solitary confinement and mental health
  • Human trafficking
  • Forensics and convictions
  • Drug rehab and recidivism
  • Drug rehab verus incarceration
  • Community policing and minority relations
  • Officers’ use of excessive force in minority neighborhoods

Part III – Identification of Themes

Once you have identified two areas for improvement, briefly describe analyze the issues that you believe need improvement. How would you solve these challenges? How might your solutions change the current model? In your analysis of these issues, consider how and why the following themes may affect your issues:

  • Ethics
  • Diversity
  • Technology

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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