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The increased use of technology I feel does not pose a threat to the public for the fact that I feel new technology better the safety of the community and law enforcement. Body cameras can help the police officer, and the person being detained, by the story they will tell; the body cameras will enhance the story if it’s true or not. The pros of this technology is that this technology can improve law enforcement behavior towards bias situations, for instance if a Caucasian police officer doesn’t like African American individuals they will have to be on their best behavior when encountering an African American instead of being rude to them because they are being recorded. If they choose to be rude still and violate constitutional rights the officer will be in trouble or the department, they work for can potentially be sued. The cons of this technology is that it is very expensive and that every police department may not be able to keep up with the upgrade of the maintenance that comes with the body camera. For instance, if the police department can’t fund the body camera, individuals who pay taxes, taxes may rise to fund the body camera, which will make hard working individuals very concerned.


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