Respond to mary below post


My name is Mary, I reside in LA currently and I have two adorable puppers who are everything in my house. I’m currently torn between Criminal Justice and switching my major, but either way this is going to be useful for understanding how the law works with other groups within the US. And honestly, I have nothing more to contribute.

I think everything will go smoothly with the resources provided, though I agree with memos and notices about due dates, or time frames as online school is challenging. It’s annoyingly easy to put things off to tomorrow. But that could just be a me problem, and I’ll set up a schedule and work more on it. ,

In your responses, consider these questions:

  • What additional resources can you share that will help you and your classmates be successful?
  • What do you have in common with your classmates?
  • What opportunities can you explore for collaboration and peer support?

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