Sales strategy | Management homework help

Interview a minimum of 2 sales managers to offer up their industry insights into each of the module topics from the course.

Ideally, you will find sales managers that can offer their insights into the sales strategy process within their firm/industry. You should craft your questions prior to the interview. While you are not required to transcribe the interview, I do expect to read quotes from the interviewees.

1. Sales and Marketing Alignment
2. Inbound/Outbound Sales Strategy
3. Customer Profile and Business Models
4. Forecasting, Budgeting, and Territories
5. Account Management
6. Sales software utilization

Following the interview, craft a report that utilizes the six headings to communicate what you have learned. Then, offer up your own insights of what you have learned from the class and the interviews about the sales strategy process planning and implementation.

Please keep your deliverable to a maximum of 8 pages.

1.5 or double spaced. 12 pt. font. Times New Roman. 1” margins.

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