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Read the following five scenarios. Write a written response to each. A grading rubric is provided. Use the rubric to guide your composition. 

1. Nancy has an intellectual disability. She is placed in a self‐contained class but has been participating in some general education classes. Nancy’s 4th-grade general education teacher has required her to participate in spelling tests. Nancy received a failing grade for the past four spelling tests. The teacher has decided to reduce the number of spelling words on Nancy’s list. She is responsible for each week’s single syllable words on the spelling list. Is this an example of an accommodation or modification? What is another to address this student’s needs?

2. Robert has a learning disability in reading. He is overwhelmed by long reading passages because he cannot read at grade level. Robert needs to learn about the main idea and supporting details. The teacher provides Robert with a story on his reading level. Robert only has to identify the main idea, while the rest of the class must identify the main idea and supporting details. Is this an example of an accommodation or modification? What is another to address this student’s needs?

3. You and your principal are reviewing your classes’ DIBEL scores, which have improved since the beginning of the year but aren’t up to grade level. She reminds you that you are working in a “Blue Ribbon School” and tells you to “correct the scores.” After assuring her that other assessments indicated that students had made significant progress and that the DIBELS scores would only be part of the bigger picture. The principal makes it clear by saying, “You need to go back and retest the students, making sure to mark the correct answers.” What do you do?

4. Mr. Houdini is a teacher at Javier High School. He has just finished conducting an online class and one of his students, Winston, requests extra time after class to talk to Mr. Houdini.  Winston has had a close mentoring relationship with Mr. Houdini. He trusts him. Winston confesses that he is coming out and is concerned that he will be bullied and taunted by other students. He is also worried that his parents will not understand. Winston asks for Mr. Houdini’s guidance. What should Mr. Houdini do? 

5. Sydney Middle School has a Special Education program. Ms. Anderson writes an email to all the program’s parents (and caretakers). When sending the email, she puts all the parent emails on the same line, with none of them as a blind carbon copy (BCC). Parents can therefore see other parents’ email addresses – and thus, possibly identify other students in the program. Ms. Anderson’s principal asks for a conference with her after receiving an angry email from one of the parents. Should Ms. Anderson be concerned? Why or why not? 

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