Self-care through reflection | EDU 8050 | Northcentral University



Use the Cycle of Reflective Practice in this module to frame and reflect on your current self-care routines and how they can be enhanced during advanced graduate studies. Utilize the seven pillars of self-care in the El-Ost et al. (2019) article.

Write a two-page reflective journal using the following prompts:

: Describe your current self-care routine and then describe your ideal self-care routine (if time, money, etc. were not a factor).

: Reflect on your current feelings about your routine and your overall wellness. Are there areas of stress in your life, etc?

: Evaluate what you do well in terms of self-care and where you could improve.

: Analyze what you would need to do to move your current self-care routine closer to your ideal routine.

: Conclude with what you do well with self-care and where you need to improve (
draw on SWOT from Module 1 to assist here).

Action Plan: List 3-5 steps you plan on taking to achieve your ideal self-care plan with a timeline for implementing these steps.

The comments should be phrased from the perspective an doctoral candidate going the process of obtaining this degree. I will attach my SWOT analysis as well.

I will include scholarly sources below and you may also include other scholarly sources from peer-review journals, etc.

SSBS (2022). SSBS Virtual Center for Health and Wellness References.

These are references for many national hotlines, including suicide prevention, domestic violence, united way, human trafficking, bullying prevention, NAMI, and veterans suicide prevention-

GSSC. Health and Wellness Resources. 
This page has a variety of resources, including articles, phone numbers and websites, and webinars to assist with health and wellness.-

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