Signature assignment: create a disaster response plan and a crisis | PSY-8314 v1: Disaster Response and Trauma Responsive Practices (1744389856) | Northcentral University


In this course, you learned about crisis and disaster response and trauma-informed practices. Throughout the course, you have read research articles and gathered your own sources related to this topic. Last week, you crafted an annotated outline of your disaster response plan and crisis intervention plan. This week, you will expand your annotated outline from last week.


Your Signature Assignment includes two (2) parts. You will combine both parts, and then, submit one document to the assignment portal.

Part 1: Disaster Response Plan

WILDFIRES  is the case study.

1.create a comprehensive response plan that addresses your selected case study. 

In your Disaster Response Plan, be sure to include the different steps and/or phases of your specific response strategies. 

You will begin by describing the type of disaster and providing specific details about where, how, and when the disaster occurred. 

Indicate who this disaster impacts and how. 

Then, using all the knowledge you have acquired throughout this course, create a trauma-informed response plan that addresses the disaster, including strategies to assess survivor risks and strengths. 

Your response strategies must cater to the specific needs of the survivor(s) of the disaster and incorporate follow-up professional resources and opportunities to promote post-traumatic growth. Remember to include a summary of your case study as well as a link to the case study for reference.

Part 2: Crisis Intervention Plan

Similar to part 1, you will search for and select a case study from one of these three crisis areas: (1) Health Crisis, (2) Relational Crisis, or (3) Economic Crisis. 

Review more research work on your selected area, then develop a full intervention or treatment plan that addresses your selected case study, including strategies to assess survivor risks and strengths.

 In your Crisis Intervention Plan, describe the type of crisis, who it impacts, and how it impacts them. Your intervention plan must include specific trauma informed strategies that respond to the needs of an individual, family, or community in your selected case study.

Draw on specific resources in your local community or describe the ideal community resources to support the intervention plan and promote post-traumatic growth. Remember to include a summary of your case study as well as a link to the case for reference.

Length: 12-14 pages, not including title and reference pages (6-7 pages for each section)

References: Include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources.

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