Social media analysis | Education homework help


Pretend you are working at an organization in your chosen field of study (interdisciplinary studies major). A colleague is writing a proposal for management. She asks you for relevant sources she can include in her report to support her proposal. You happen to follow an expert in the field who posts on social media. You wonder if the expert’s post may be able to be used as a source for your colleague. 

  • Choose a social media post that could be cited in as a relevant resource. For example, content published by Blair Imani for Smarter In Seconds is well-researched and supported by data. You can choose a video on TikTok, an Instagram post, a blog on a LinkedIn profile, or another form of social media you regularly use. Link the content (if possible) and share the following:
  • platform
  • creator
  • company/sponsor
  • format (video, article, etc.)
  • intended audience
  • summary of the content
  • purpose of the content
  • Use the information from the chapter to evaluate the information in the post for the following:
  • accuracy
  • bias
  • comprehensiveness
  • appropriate level of detail
  • date and currency
  • clarity
  • In a short paragraph, make a recommendation to a colleague as to whether or not she should use your social media post as a resource to support her project. 

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