Space x case analysis | Marketing homework help


Develop and analysis a marketing strategy for Space X Case 1 that will build credibility and generate insightful thinking that sets the stage for winning recommendations. 

1. Summary of Key Issues: This section tells the reader which facts you consider to be important to your analysis (and by omission, which are not). Summarize the issues relative to the appropriate marketing concepts and avoid simply restating the case itself.

2. Models and Approaches to Analysis: This section sets forth the methods by which a team has broken down the case information for further review. Reference both textbook and 3 external references for research in this section to gain depth of understanding.

3. Analysis Results and Findings: Based on the identification of the issues and application of relevant concepts. Write a plan to the reader’s understanding of the issues in ways that educate decision makers. 

4. The Problem Statement: In one, well labeled, final sentence, identify the key marketing problem/opportunity identified by the analysis. This statement will guide evaluation of the next assignment, the recommendation.

5. Identify key issues (with group concurrence) and conduct additional research (APA reference) to break down these issues based on prior research, company information, industry news, etc.

6. Analyze the issues identified in light of the appropriate concepts and models.

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